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Wednesday, 14. September 2011

One the one hand it was a small Gordon Bennett Race but on the the other hand it was also a big Gordon Bennett Race which came now to his end in Gap Tallard. The price giving was at the major of Gap Tallard.

We congratulate the winner of the

Gordon Bennett Race 2011

Sebastian Rolland und Vincent Leys,


Matthias Zenge und Frank Wilbert
for a very great second place in the hardest balloon race all over the world!

We have spoken the the French Team (Sebastian and Vincent) quite long. Their weatherman had ensured to them that the second night will be free of thunderstorms. As soon as they saw the development of thunderstorms 10km away they decided to land. It was their strategie to fly through two nights and not to land in the second night. They pointed out that they would never have flown into a second night if they had the information about upcoming thunderstorms. In 200m they had 40km/h and on the ground nearly no wind. They landed safely and that is the most important!


Now an inofficial Gordon Bennett Party is running.

A very good result for Germany which make the second and third place in the hardest balloon race all over the world.

We want to thank Martine Besnainou for the organisation.

And we also want to thank Markus Haggeney and his team for the event organisation and their work during the race.

We look forward for the articles and pictures of the pilots.

The official result:







Germany 1 and Germany 2 and the Met Man Benjamin Eimers (via Facebook, thanks Corinne)
He is booked for 2012 again.











  The winning teams  (via Facebook thanks Martine)


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